Music SupervisoR


In 2017, Aubrey obtained her B.S. degree in Music Industry at the University of Southern California. It was there that she not only gained specific interest in music for media, but also established connections and opportunities to grow her experience in music supervision. Beginning with her time at USC, she has worked at various record labels, publishing, and music supervision companies. She has since found a home in combining mixed media skills with her passion and capabilities in songwriting.

As Aubrey describes, finding the right song for a scene feels similar to songwriting. "It's story-telling", Aubrey explains. "Your goal is to express a relatable emotion through music and get your audience to intrinsically understand what you or your filmmaker is trying to convey". 

Since graduation, Aubrey has music supervised several projects in addition to continuing her own music career. In 2018, she finished student film, The Other Room, as well as web series, Stellar Hosts, which also features an original theme song written by Aubrey.